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Designing a Custom Twitter Template
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I recently launched my new website, and decided that I wanted my Twitter profile page to have the same look and feel as the site. I figured that repurposing the site design and uploading a new background to Twitter would take just a few minutes.

As it turned out, it was incredibly challenging to get the dimensions of the page and columns correct. I searched Google for this information but the dimensions that others provided did not work, and I could not find these guidelines on Twitter.com. I had to use trial and error to get it right, and ended up spending a couple of hours on what should have ideally taken a few minutes. So, in case anyone else would like to create a custom background, I decided to post the dimensions for the Twitter profile page.

Based on a display resolution of 1280 x 800, the canvas size of the Twitter page is 1265px wide and 700 px high.

Within the page, there are essentially three columns created by the “main” Twitter box, which lies in the center of the page and includes the sidebar which displays your bio. Here are the dimensions of these three columns:

Left edge of page to Left edge of Twitter box: 230 px
Width of Twitter box: 790 px (230+790=1020 px)
Right edge of Twitter box to Right edge of window: 245 px (1020+245=1265px=total page width)

Hope this helps!

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  6. STORY WRITTEN FOR & USED WITH PERMISSIONPosted: June 29, 2006KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, Fla. (CBS) – After a frustrating year of redesign, testing and controversy, NASA is finally ready to launch the shuttle Discovery July 1 on a space station servicing and repair mission. It will be the first flight in shuttle history with a system – foam bracket insulators on the external fuel tank – officially deemed an unacceptable risk by the agency’s top safety manager and chief engineer. The astronauts plan to deliver fresh water and some 5,100 pounds of supplies and equipment to the international space station and carry out a spacewalk to fix a stalled equipment transporter that must be restored to normal operation before station assembly can proceed. Discovery also will ferry European Space Agency astronaut Thomas Reiter to the outpost, boosting crew size back to three for the first time since downsizing after the Columbia disaster. Reiter is on board Discovery as part of a commercial contract between ESA and Roscosmos, the Russian Space Agency. Spacewalkers Mike Fossum and Piers Sellers plan to ride on the end of a long boom attached to the shuttle’s robot arm to test it’s stability as a shuttle repair platform. And if power permits, they’ll stage a third spacewalk to test heat-shield repair techniques. The exercises may help pave the way for an eventual flight to service the Hubble Space Telescope. And throughout the mission – the day after launch, during docked operations at the station and even after their departure from the complex – the astronauts will carry out time-consuming, inch-by-inch inspections of Discovery’s fragile heat shield to make absolutely sure nothing was damaged during the climb to space or after reaching orbit. It is the very real threat of worst-case catastrophic impact damage from foam insulation off the external tank that has triggered controversy and concern during the final push to ready Discovery for flight. Facing the Bush administration’s 2010 deadline for completing the station and retiring the space shuttle – and with agreement that the risk in this case is for loss of vehicle, not crew – NASA Administrator Mike Griffin cleared Discovery for launch over the objections of Bryan O’Connor, NASA’s chief of Safety and Mission Assurance, and Chris Scolese, the agency’s chief engineer. “We’re going to use this flight and the subsequent flights to complete the space station,” Griffin said after a flight readiness review June 17. “We believe it is possible to do so. But if it is going to be possible to do so, we’re going to have to take some programmatic risks because the shuttle will be retired in 2010. “This president’s budget will not carry funding for shuttle vehicles beyond 2010. So if we’re going to fly, we need to accept some programmatic risk and get on with it. Again, I’ll point out for me to accept programmatic risk to do this is not the same as accepting a crew risk, which we believe we’re not doing.” But make no mistake. Discovery’s launch on the 115th shuttle mission – only the second since the Feb. 1, 2003, Columbia disaster – is a make-or-break flight for America’s manned space program, as will be each of the final 16 missions on the agency’s shuttle manifest. “If we were to lose another vehicle, I would tell you right now that I would be moving to figure out a way to shut the program down,” Griffin said. “I think at that point, we’re done. I’m sorry if that sounds too blunt for some, but that’s where I am. Now, we’re trying to navigate some very difficult waters for the next 16 flights to get the station assembled. I think that’s worth doing. I’ve stated that on multiple occasions. But it’s not easy.” He’s right. A quarter of a century after Columbia’s launch on the first shuttle mission, the numbers still boggle the mind. Including liquid and solid propellants, Discovery will weigh 4.5 million pounds at the moment of liftoff from launch complex 39B at the Kennedy Space Center. In just 10 seconds, it will be 800 feet off the ground going straight up at nearly 130 mph. In two minutes, after burning up half its weight in propellant, the spacecraft will be 32 miles up, traveling at some 3,000 mph – faster than a rifle bullet and accelerating at a blistering pace as fuel is consumed and its weight drops off. In eight-and-a-half minutes, the shuttle and its seven occupants will be in orbit, streaking through space at more than 17,000 mph, fast enough to cover 84 football fields in a single heartbeat. Those numbers illustrate the raw energy that goes into boosting a shuttle into space and serve as a reminder of the energy that must be dissipated through atmospheric friction during re-entry to permit a safe landing. And therein lies an enormous management and engineering challenge, one that has gotten the best of NASA and the shuttle twice in 114 missions, once going uphill and once coming down. Now, facing a 2010 deadline to complete the station and honor international commitments to its space station partners, NASA must launch a final 16 flights – 17 if a mission to service the Hubble Space Telescope is approved – without a major hiccup. “I think we’re all going to have to work hard to maintain our vigilance, no kidding, right through until the last shuttle stops on the runway,” Sellers said in an interview. “We’re going to have to pay attention. You can’t turn your back on this system. It’s not forgiving.” From a purely statistical standpoint, the shuttle remains roughly as risky to fly today as it was before Columbia’s final flight, despite the time and money – more than $1 billion – that have been devoted to safety upgrades. “Basically, this vehicle, and you can take this to the bank, is about a 1-in-100 vehicle,” said shuttle program manager Wayne Hale. “It is a risky vehicle to fly. And nobody should mistake that, there are a number of things that can cause bad outcomes in this vehicle. What we’ve tried to do is take a very serious look at every one of the areas that we think are higher risk and do our best to mitigate those.” But that does not mean the shuttle is safe by any normal definition. Quoting former astronaut John Young, Hale said “if you’re not a little scared when you launch the shuttle, you don’t understand what’s happening. And that’s going to be true, by the way, after we fix all the foam on the external tank. There are plenty of other reasons to hold your breath.” With the end of the program in sight, many would agree with Sellers’ characterization of the space shuttle as “brilliant but flawed.” “Brilliant in its incredible capability and the amazing reach of technologies that were involved in it,” he said. “And flawed in some elements of its design that made it difficult to operate, expensive to operate and as we know, with some safety problems.” In the early days of the shuttle program, the awareness of risk was an intellectual thing; NASA had never lost a manned spacecraft in flight. But now, after Challenger and Columbia – and with an awareness that another disaster will spell the end of the program – many observers will indeed be holding their collective breath when Discovery roars to life July 1. For better or for worse, America’s civilian space agency will not be allowed another major malfunction, even if the crew escapes unharmed. Discovery’s last flight a year ago – the first post-Columbia mission – clearly demonstrated the unknowns that still face the shuttle program. Agency managers thought they had corrected the foam insulation problem that doomed Columbia. And in a sense, they had. The so-called bipod ramp that was the source of the foam that did in NASA’s original shuttle was removed before Discovery’s flight. But during ascent, a one-pound chunk of foam broke away from a wind deflector known as a protuberance air-load – PAL – ramp, one of two on the ship’s external tank. The foam ramps were in place to smooth the flow of turbulent air across two external pressurization lines and a cable try as the shuttle climbs out of the dense lower atmosphere. NASA managers ultimately decided to remove the PAL ramps, too, before Discovery’s next flight, accelerating engineering work that was already underway. The decision ultimately was supported by extensive computer modeling and wind tunnel tests showing the pressurization lines, cable tray and support brackets are tough enough to stand up to worst-case aerodynamic loads. Discovery’s launch will mark the first actual flight test of the design change, the most significant aerodynamic modification to the tank since shuttle flights began in 1981. But engineers have not yet come up with a new design for the foam insulation covering the 37 brackets on the external tank that support the pressurization lines and cable tray. It is that so-called ice-frost ramp foam that poses what NASA officially classifies as “probable/catastrophic” in an integrated risk matrix. “The definition of probable/catastrophic in the program’s own terminology is that this thing that we’re talking about is likely to cause loss of the vehicle over the life of the program,” O’Connor said in an interview with CBS News. “And ‘likely’ doesn’t mean ‘assuredly.’ It’s interpreted as a 50-50 chance that over 100 missions this thing would take out an orbiter. Engineers estimate there’s a 1-in-75 to chance ice-frost ramp foam could damage a typical heat-shield tile and a 1-in-100 chance it could cause catastrophic impact damage to beefed up tiles around landing gear doors and other critical areas. O’Connor, who protested Discovery’s launching, said the numbers appear worse than they really are. “You could say maybe our threshold for something that we call probable/catastrophic is up there in the wrong place because that sounds really bad,” he said. “If somebody were to apply that to a single mission, you’d say that’s way worse than what we think it is.” That’s because the raw numbers don’t reflect other mitigating factors. Griffin approved the flight because even in a worst-case scenario, one in which the shuttle was too severely damaged to attempt re-entry, the astronauts could attempt repairs or use the space station as a “safe haven” and await rescue by another shuttle crew. The station has enough supplies on board to support a combined crew of nine for at least 84 days. And that’s assuming the station’s Russian oxygen generator failed on launch day. The shuttle Atlantis, scheduled for its own space station flight in late August or early September, is being processed in parallel for launch on a rescue flight by Aug. 21 if necessary. Members of the Columbia Accident Investigation Board contacted by CBS News declined comment, saying they had not followed NASA’s redesign work over the past year in enough detail to characterize Griffin’s decision one way or the other. For Discovery commander Lindsey and his six crewmates, however, risk is relative and in interviews with CBS News, all seven said they are eager to finally get underway. “If you look at the overall risk numbers on the vehicle and you compare post Columbia and pre Columbia, if you’re really honest with the statistics, they’re about the same,” Lindsey said in an interview. “The risk really hasn’t changed. It’s always been a pretty high risk operation to go fly the shuttle. I knew that going in prior to Columbia. I think everybody is a lot more aware of that afterwards.” To flight engineer Lisa Nowak, “I’m worrying more about driving in a car on a highway and that being risky than I do about what might happen on a space flight.” “Obviously, something could happen,” said Nowak, former Navy F-18 pilot and mother of three. “The risks are there, but we’ve done so much to minimize everything that we can, I really feel confident we’re going up with the safest vehicle that we can and that we have a plan in place if something does come off. I feel really good about it.” But with two disasters in 114 flights, the shuttle has “a demonstrated risk of about 1-in-57,” said pilot Mark Kelly. “Maybe the real risk is a lot less than that. It might even be a little more than that. We don’t know.” “What we do know is what the space shuttle does, its value and what we get out of it,” he said in an interview. “As a country, we get a lot of return on the money we spend on the space program. I think ultimately it gives us industries we wouldn’t have had before, it’s a big benefit to our economy, it’s also important for people to be explorers. So there’s a lot of benefit there. “Personally, I weigh the risk to me, the personal risk of something happening to me, with the benefit to our nation. That’s how I justify climbing into the thing. And it’s a lot of fun. Flying in space is a lot of fun!” Discovery is scheduled for launch from complex 39B at the Kennedy Space Center at 3:49 p.m. on July 1, roughly the moment Earth’s rotation carries the pad into the plane of the international space station’s orbit. Taking the controls after a three-day orbital chase, Lindsey will guide the shuttle to a docking with the space station around 11:17 a.m. on July 3. Along with delivering crucial supplies and equipment, the astronauts plan to stage at least two spacewalks, on July 5 and 7, to test the boom as a potential work platform and to fix the station’s mobile transporter. If Discovery gets off on time, and if the astronauts can conserve enough power in orbit, the flight will be extended one day and a third spacewalk will be staged July 9 to test heat shield repair techniques. But the primary goals of the flight are repairing the mobile transporter to restart assembly, boosting station crew size back to three and delivering critical supplies and equipment, including components of a U.S.-built oxygen generator that ultimately will help increase crew size to six in 2009. “Number one, we’re getting back to a three person crew,” said deputy station program manager Kirk Shireman. “We have two people now, adding a third is like a 50 percent increase in crew hours for assembly tasks that we have coming up and also for the research that we’re doing on board. We have a full research program planned.” Fixing the mobile transporter “will put us into position to get back into assembly of the ISS. Obviously, real key, we haven’t had full redundancy of the mobile transporter so we can maneuver it and put the (station’s robot) arm on it and complete the next major assembly task. “The third thing, we’re actually launching a number of things on this flight … to expand the crew size from three to six,” Shireman said. “And six is where we really need to be when we have all the pressurized modules up there to conduct the kind of research the United States and the international partners want to conduct.” Barring a mission extension, landing back at the Kennedy Space Center is planned for around 10:46 a.m. on July 13. “We really are wrapping up what we think of as the second of two test flights, to demonstrate that we have improved the things that led to the Columbia accident,” Hale said. “We are expecting that we will be able to demonstrate that. And it is also the start of the assembly process. “We have 16 or so flights to complete over the next four years. That is not a tremendously hurried pace looking at the history of the shuttle program. There is time for us to stop or pause and work on problems for a little while. But certainly, we would like to have a good flight where we didn’t have any major problems and allow us to turn around and demonstrate we can fly again in August.”Telescopes.comLargest selection and the best prices anywhere in the world. Free shipping on select items. is the largest dealer of both Meade and Celestron Telescopes. Visit or call toll free 1-800-303-5873.STS-134 PatchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!The final planned flight of space shuttle Endeavour is symbolized in the official embroidered crew patch for STS-134. Available in our store!Final Shuttle Mission PatchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!The crew emblem for the final space shuttle mission is now available in our store. Get this piece of history!Apollo CollageThis beautiful one piece set features the Apollo program emblem surrounded by the individual mission logos.STS-133 PatchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!The final planned flight of space shuttle Discovery is symbolized in the official embroidered crew patch for STS-133. Available in our store!Anniversary Shuttle PatchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!This embroidered patch commemorates the 30th anniversary of the Space Shuttle Program. The design features the space shuttle Columbia’s historic maiden flight of April 12, 1981.Mercury anniversaryFree shipping to U.S. addresses!Celebrate the 50th anniversary of Alan Shephard’s historic Mercury mission with this collectors’ item, the official commemorative embroidered patch.Ares 1-X PatchThe official embroidered patch for the Ares 1-X rocket test flight, is available for purchase.Apollo CollageThis beautiful one piece set features the Apollo program emblem surrounded by the individual mission logos.Expedition 21The official embroidered patch for the International Space Station Expedition 21 crew is now available from our stores.Hubble PatchThe official embroidered patch for mission STS-125, the space shuttle’s last planned service call to the Hubble Space Telescope, is available for purchase. | | | | 2014 Spaceflight Now Inc.STS-121 Timeline Overview COMPILED BY WILLIAM HARWOODPosted: May 11, 2006Editor’s Note…NASA hopes to reinsert a third spacewalk if the crew can conserve enough power for a one-day mission extension. If so, EVA-3 will take place on Flight Day 9. Events listed below for FD-9 through FD-13 would simply shift one day to the right. Source: NASAGeneric mission requirements:15 CWCs and 6 PWRs filled and transferred to ISSAbout 98 man hours required for MPLM transfer operations and 30 hours for middeck transfers.EVAs staged out of ISS airlock using CEVIS exercise pre-breathe protocolSRMS used for OBSS operations and EVA camera views. SSRMS used for MPLM operations, OBSS survey camera views and EVA roboticsJuly 1Flight Day 1Crew downloads ET umbilical photos and wing leading edge sensor data ASAP. Crew also loads ET handheld camera still photos for downlink. ET handheld video footage downlinked during KU-band antenna coveragePhoto/TV setup for OBSS survey on flight day 2MPLM environmental checksShuttle robot arm (SRMS) is powered up and initializedWater spray boiler testJuly 2Flight Day 2RMS checkout prior to OBSS activityFuel cell purge and computer network setup (if not already complete)OBSS survey: All starboard wing, nose cap and port wing reinforced carbon carbon are surveyed with OBSS LDRI. Scans of the starboard wing and and nose cap are performed first because they cannot be done while docked; two crew members required for OBSS/SRMS operations, one crew member for LDRI; no sun within +/- 10 degrees of LDRI field of viewAny survey data not downlinked in real time is replayed prior to crew sleepLCS sensor is a backup to the LDRI system; no lighting constraints on LCS; downlink via OCA; digital camera (IDC) is available for high-detail views but no nominal operations are plannedSRMS survey of crew cabin with realtime KU downlinkOMS pod tiles surveyed from aft flight deckTwo spacesuits are checked outAirlock fan turned off to save powerRendezvous preparations (tool checkout, docking ring extension, centerline camera installation, rendezvous rocket firingsItems prepared for transfer to ISSJuly 3Flight Day 3Condensate collection system set upTwo spacesuits removed from shuttle airlock and temp stowed out of the wayDuring rendezvous, crew performs a 360-degree pitch maneuver to permit station crew photography of shuttle thermal protection system; photos will be downlinked via KU as soon as possibleShuttle docks with international space station; attitude control handed off to station gyrosJoint crew safety briefing; PMA setupPGSC network reconfigured to support EVA/RMS operations; EVA tools transferred to ISSOBSS is unberthed by SSRMS and handed off to SRMS; SSRMS then parked overnight near Unity nadir port for inspection; SSRMS remains powered for remainder of docked missionISS crew augmentation completed with transfer of Russian Soyuz seatliner to stationJuly 4Flight Day 4SSRMS grapples MPLM and attaches it to Unity nadir port common berthing mechanism; one-hour CBS bolt loading required to complete installationVestibule pressurization, MPLM activationTwo hours and 40 minutes of OBSS survey operations with SRMS; this block of time for unfinished FD-2 survey work or focused inspections of potential damage; after MPLM installation, SSRMS walkoff from lab to mobile base station to monitor surveyEVA-1 preparations; spacesuits transferred to ISS airlock; equipment lock and EVA tools set up; one-hour EVA review with all crew membersNitrogen transfer from shuttle to ISSMiddeck transfersShuttle air-to-ground (no TV) PAO event; ISS PAO eventJuly 5Flight Day 5SSRMS ungrapples MBSEVA-1: OBSS/SRMS loads testMPLM transfers continue with ISS crew membersJuly 6Flight Day 6Spacesuit servicing; EVA-2 preps with equipment lock setup, camera setup, tool configuration; one-hour EVA review with entire crewSAFER jet backpack launched in MPLM is checked outThird spacesuit, with advanced caution-and-warning system, is transferred to ISS and checked outMPLM transfersISS lithium hydroxide servicingCrew news conference; crew photo opJuly 7Flight Day 7EVA-2: ISS trailing umbilical system repair; pump module installationSSRMS on lab grapple fixture used for EVA worksite access; when EVA tasks are complete, SSRMS moved to MPLM viewing positionMPLM transfersJuly 8Flight Day 8Water dumps performed (attitude control handover to shuttle before dump; back to ISS after dump)NASA PAO event using shuttle assetsSpacesuit servicingMPLM and middeck transfers; three computers transferred from shuttle to ISSNitrogen transfer to station is terminatedJuly 9Flight Day 9(see the editor’s note above)Shuttle crew enjoyed six hours and 45-minutes of off-duty time; private family conferencesTwo ISS PAO eventsCEVIS repair; removed components placed in MPLM for return to JSCISS crew installs CPAMPLM cleanup; racks configured for entry; transfers complete by this pointJuly 10Flight Day 10Spacesuits reconfigured for return to shuttle; EVA tools positioned as requiredMPLM egress, deactivation, vestibule depressurizationSTS crew does Unity nadir port CBM demate, MPLM uninstall and reberth in cargo bay using SSRMSSSRMS repositioned on MBSWith SSRMS in viewing position on MBS, SRMS used to scan port wing as part of late inspection requirement; after LDRI scan, OBSS maneuvered to handoff positionShuttle EVA pre-breathe equipment broken downMiddeck transfersISS external photo survey performedRendezvous tools set up and checked outJuly 11Flight Day 11Hatches closed between shuttle/ISS; centerline camera installed; docking system leak checksAttitude control handed off from ISS to shuttleShuttle undocks from station; no fly around because of upcoming TPS late inspection requirementsCenterline camera removed; simo supply and waste water dumpsCommunications strings checkedOBSS survey of starboard wing and nose cap (could not be done while docked because of station structural interference)OBSS berthing; RMS berthing and power downMiddeck preps for entry; spacesuit stowComputer network reconfiguredJuly 12Flight Day 12Flight control system checkout; RCS hotfire testCommander, pilot practice landing techniques with PILOT simulatorCabin stow; ergometer stow; KU antenna stowPAO eventSimo waste and supply water dumps; flash evaporator dumpWing leading edge sensor laptop stowedCommunications systems set up for entry; entry video system setupJuly 13Flight Day 13Inertial measurement unit alignmentLaptop computer network break downGroup B computer powerup for entryDeorbit prepLandingAres 1-X PatchThe official embroidered patch for the Ares 1-X rocket test flight, is available for purchase.Apollo CollageThis beautiful one piece set features the Apollo program emblem surrounded by the individual mission logos.Expedition 21The official embroidered patch for the International Space Station Expedition 21 crew is now available from our stores.Hubble PatchThe official embroidered patch for mission STS-125, the space shuttle’s last planned service call to the Hubble Space Telescope, is available for purchase. | | | | 2014 Spaceflight Now Inc.Tank changes, hurricane put shuttle schedule in limbo BY WILLIAM HARWOOD

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